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Derma Pen 

Micro Skin Needling

Derma pen skin needling is the most advanced non surgical anti-aging and scar reducing treatment available today. It all began in 1999 when a renowned plastic surgeon called Dr. Des Fernandes of South Africa, presented his findings on the powerful collagen producing and anti-wrinkle, scar healing benefits of skin needling to a group of prolific doctors and skin specialists at a medical conference in San Francisco. This presentation caused a sensation in the medical skincare community with many doctors and cosmetologists starting to offer skin needling for wrinkles, scaring, acne marks, open pores, fine lines, deep hydration and to create a younger looking dermis over 6 consecutive treatments. Usually performed 2 weeks apart, the results were spectacular and the popularity of micro skin needling began to increase. Soon a more advanced method was developed. This is called Derma Pen. Derma Pen micro skin needling works by creating trauma to the skin which then causes an increase in collagen and elastin as the skin heals. The derma pen device consists of a high speed rotation with needles at varying lengths. It is less painful and more advanced than hand held rollers of old. Although skin rollers are an excellent home treatment , they are not as effective as the super fast derma pen micro skin needling system which is now considered the gold stardard by doctors and cosmotologists worldwide. The best advice is to apply a nutrient rich serum containing plant based collagen, hyaluronic acid or peptides to hydrate and aid in skin repair. Each micro perforation created with the derma pen micro skin needling results in new skin, new collagen and new elastin and acts as a "well" where hydration can enter the skin deeply. That means younger looking skin, improvements to acne scars, reduced wrinkles and reduced pores in 6 weeks.

Package price € 120 per treatment. €700 for course of 6.

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Special Offer Package Derma Pen

Plastic surgeons agree that 6 consecutive treatments of derma pen micro skin needling carried out 2 weeks apart are best for optimal results. This is the protocol for acne scaring, wrinkles, fine lines, open pores and general skin rejuvenation. Results are exceptional when this protocol is followed and the use of recommended repairing serums are added for home usage. The collagen is laid down in the upper dermis just below the basal layer of skin 5 - 7 days post treatment. Redness may persist for this time but make up can be applied.

Package price € 120 per treatment. €700 for course of 6 as recommended by plastic surgeons.

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Microdermabrasion is popular for men as well as women, as it helps reduce follicular impaction and ingrown hairs . It is also highly effective and recommended for oily skin as it helps to reduce excessive sebum accumulation on the upper dermis of the skin. Shine and open pores are reduced and the skin looks matt and youthful. Make up glides on easily and looks flawless. Often referred to as "The Photoshop Effect" microdermabrasion is ever popular in advance of weddings or occasions when photographs are going to be taken.

Diamond Microdermabrasion €90 per treatment

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IPL Laser skin treatments are popular to rejuvenate skin and remove hair. Treatments are carried out over 6 procedures and are effective in the treatment of Acne, Red veins, Unwanted hair, Skin rejuvenation, Sun damage, Pigmentation. Consultations are necessary as laser and IPL are not suitable for all skin tones and types.

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Chemical skin peels use natural sugars to gently and effectively remove the upper dermal layers of skin revealing clearer, younger skin underneath. Peels are recommended for various conditions including congested skin, black heads, aging, coarse skin, some forms of pigmentation, fine lines. Downtime is minimal and makeup can be applied withing 60 minutes. If you are looking for a treatment that offers glowing skin with little down time, consider a skin peel at Vitality Centre Chemical skin peel treatments are carried out by a qualified medical aesthetician at Vitality Centre Clinic in Ballsbridge only. Treatments now €120

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Bags under the eyes are often the result of toxicity in the liver and sometimes food intolerances. That is why heavy drooping bags and dark circles will become more pronounced during times of alcohol consumption or exposure to rich processed foods. The very best way to reduce eye bags is to undergo a course of liver coffee enemas. This treatment is offered over 3 consecutive weeks and includes colonic hydrotherapy using the advanced Harley Street Method followed by a liver coffee enema. The coffee enema contains chlorogenic acid which is a natural anti-oxidant to boost the skins anti-aging defence . It also contains natural caffeine which stimulates the liver and removes toxins. Treatment is carried out by internationally trained I-ACT therapists at Vitality Centre Clinics. Liver Coffee Enema Treatment €120

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Open pores on the skin are one of the most misunderstood afflictions that many people suffer from. They are particularly prevalent in oily skin types. No amount of creams or potions will close the pores and the very worst advice is to use alcohol base or astringent toners since this will ultimately dry the skin and increase oil production. Open pores are the result of sagging collagen and reduced elastic. The most effective way to reduce the signs of open pores is to undergo a course of 6 treatments of Derma Pen Micro Skin Needling . If preferred one treatment of microdermabrasion may be undertaken to remove access oils and congestion. Package price € 120 per treatment. €700 for course of 6.

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Men's skin differs from female skin in that it contains follicles. Shaving causes many problems in the dermis of men which are not present in female skin. That is why it is important to attend a qualified skin practitioner who can offer the very best course of treatment based on the condition of the skin. The most popular treatment for men's skin is microdermabrasion since it quickly and effectively removes dead skin and reduces redness and irritation caused by shaving rash. No matter what treatment is recommended, most men will do very well with at least one treatment of microdermabrasion which will take away coarse skin and dramatically improve the appearance. Diamond Medical Microdermabrasion €90.00

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IPL laser dublinSkin Tightening

Loose skin is a result of reduced elasticity. This happens over time and can lead to premature aging. It is common in those who have experienced high levels of sun exposure or who use or who have used sun beds. The good news is that there are a number of skin treatments that can help increase elastin and collagen to tighten the skin. In saggy skin, the collagen has been damaged and the thick layer of collagen in the dermis has become thinner and started to droop. Topical vitamin A will not produce dramatic changes in the elasticity of the dermis when used on its own. In fact, no topical skin product will. The aim is to thicken the skin and grow new skin cells. Many plastic surgeons believe that derma pen skin needling is the best way to achieve this since it does not cause more light damage to the already frail skin, as can happen with laser or IPL. Package price € 120 per treatment. €700 for course of 6.