IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The benefit of IPL skin rejuvenation for anti-aging is that it is a progressive treatment that can be carried out in a lunchtime. Down time is minimum but several treatments are required. The treatment works by remodeling dermal collagen is has been proven to be highly effective for the improvement of wrinkles on the face neck and chest.

Ideal for wrinkles or signs of aging

  • Face
  • Hands

Over a course of IPL laser skin rejuvenation treatment you will notice improvements in the tone of skin collagen as the skin remodels itself.

If concerns arise relating to photosensitivity, derma pen micro skin needling is equally effective and carries no risks of the side effects outlined below. That is why many plastic surgeons now offer this treatment instead of IPL laser skin rejuvenation to reduce wrinkles and create younger looking skin.

Side Affects

In some cases blisters to the skin can occur. Those who are on hormonal treatment should avoid this as hyper pigmentation can result. No sun beds and no sun exposure.